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The newsletter of the Three Rivers Avian Center is in Adobe Acrobat PDF file format. PDF newsletters allows us to include high quality color graphics and are available free only on this website. To receive the newsletter directly from TRAC, please support our efforts financially and become a member.

Summer 2021  Benny the Barn Owl. Fall Photo Workshop announcement, Bird migration at Hanging Rock Raptor Observatory .
Spring 2021   Our ambassador crew grows,  Spring Photo Workshop, Griffin Stone joins TRAC staff as our Media Specialist, and its Spring which mean interesting patients to care for.
December 2020 Victor, our new Eastern Screech Owl, "Wonder" the rare Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk, Evening Grosebeaks moving through West Virginia
Summer 2020 On-line Migration Celebration, record numbers of birds coming in
Spring 2020 Covid shuts down visitation at TRAC, but injured birds keep arriving
Fall/Winter 2019 Paitent rundown,Hope Take Flight Fund-raiser
Summer 2019 Contains: Song Bird Intake, Migration Problems,  Migration Celebration 2019, Upcoming Hope Takes Flight Fundraiser,  World Scout Jamboree, Lead Poising, Van Troubles
Spring 2019 Its Spring!
Summer Edition 2018   Contains: Staff additon Jesse Perrine, First Annual Hope Takes Flight Fundraiser, Cub Scout Pack Fund Raiser, Intern Danny Moreland, Least Bittern, Migration Celebration, Lead Poisened Bald Eagle, Non-lead Ammuntion.
Summer Edition 2017  Contains: Intern Notes by Shelby Chapman,  National Scout Jamboree, New Education Ambassadors
Late Fall Edition 2016  Contains: Veteran's Day Bald Eagle, The Squirrel Who Died Fighting
Summer Edition 2016  Contains: Cleanup from the storm, Summer Intern Andy Maier
December 2015  Raptor Chapter Express, Dori, our new Peregrine Falcon and the year end wrap up
September 2015  25th Anniversary!
August 2014   Barn Owl Chicks, Record Year, RIP Twister and C  hip
April 2014    Migration Celebration at Little Beaver State Park
September 2013 Boy Scout 2013 Jamboree Photo Supplement
September 2013   Nancy R Smith  family donation, Lead Ammo: The Need to Change, Aura's Story: A Case in Lead Poisoning, The Boy Scouts 2013 National Jamboree,  2013 Migration Celebration, Beckley Area Foundation accepting donations for TRAC's endowment.
September 2012   Bald Eagle Release,  Migration Maddness,  Suet Recipe, Upcoming Events, Welcome Sharon Ogden, Thanks tro Amanda Simpson, The Derecho Report
March 2012  Baby Season,  Spring Maddness, Migration Celebration 2012,  Eagle Nest update, Peregrine Project update, Little Beaver State Park Award
October 2011  When is a Hawk not a Hawk, Crossbow of the Sky, Peregrine Restoration Project Notes for the 6th Year, Rebecca Pollard, Summer Intern, TRAC's new Van and other Notes
April 2011   Bald Eagle Nest at Brooks, Peregrine Restoration 2011, The Time of Nest Building, Welcome Regis, General News, Migration Celebration 2011, Flight Barn Update, Gunshot Eagle Reward Fund
December 2010 Express Issue   Make your own suet cakes, interesting case histories, flight barn update, peregrine restoration update, general news.
September 2010  Contains: New Volunteers in Bluefield Dive Right In  - Bluefiled oil spill, Wikka Wikka, Notes, Fall Photo Workshop, WV Birds of Prey a new book by Steven Wayne Rotsch
April 2010  Contains: Bald Eagle Nest Site in Summers County, What They Know, Migration Celebration 2010, What a Snowstorm
October 2009 Contains:  2009 Peregrine Project Update,  Hey Y'all Watch This,  Program Updates, Winter Blast, Flyway Construction
February 2009  Contains:  2009 Internship call, Flight Barn Funding, A Burning Issue,  Species Spotlight: Merlin,  2008 Annual Report.
December 2008 Express Issue  Flight Barn update and the Peregrine Falcon Restoration Project  wrap up.
August 2008   2008 Summer Residency , Peregrine Restoration, Species Spotlight: Turkey Vulture, Migration Celebration 2008, Baby Season Update, Photo Workshop Update
February 2008    Leon Wilson Bird Club donation, Annual January Eagle Watch,  Species Spotlight: Northern Harrier, TRAC's 2007 Synopsis, In Memory of Alice Knight, Farewell to Apex
December  2007 Express Issue   Saw Whet Owl, New River Gorge Peregrine Project, TRAC adopts  North American  Association of Environmental Educators Guidelines for Excellence
September 2007  Great Horned Owl Release, Drought Effects, Double Crested Cormorant, Binocular Donation, Photo Workshop.
June 2007   Flight Barn Update, Flying Crossbow in the Sky, Species Spotlight: House Wren, 2007 Intern: Celeste Cantees, more! (8 pages).
February 2007  Peregrine Release 2/24/07, Fear of Tooth and Claw, Species Spotlight: Broad-winged Hawk, Migration Celebration 2007 Poster &Lineup, Hurt Hawks Essay, Wild Birds Unlimited Contributes to Peregrine Release Study, 2006 Review.
December 2006 Express Issue Contains: Flight Barn Progress Report.
August 2006 Flight Barn Contruction Begins, Peregrine Falcon Restoration in the New River Gorge, Recovered Gunshot Red-Shouldered Hawk Takes to the Sky, Species Spotlight: Great Horned Owl & Introducing Hoolie (10 pages).
March 2006  Pick Up!, Species Spotlight: Carolina Wren, & Baby Season is Almost Here (10 pages).
December 2005  Express Issue   Contains Seneca's story (Bald Eagle) end of the year updates on happenings at TRAC ( 2 pages).
September 2005   Contains:  Release of Comanche, the Bald Eagle, 15th anniversary at TRAC, Species Spotlight: Killdeer, (9 pages).
March 2005   Contains:  TRAC at Wildlife Diversity Day at the Capitol, TRAC Turns 15 this Year!, Species Spotlight: Bald Eagle, A Musing on Eagles (8 pages).
December 2004   Contains:  Spirit Comes to TRAC, Road Games, Species Spotlight: Golden Eagle (10 pages).
February 2004  Contains: Species Spotlight: Osprey, Migration Celebration Poster and the 2003 Summary (10 pages).
August 2003    Contains: We're Seeing Double, Cat Owners, Snap Out of It!, Species Spotlight: Barn Owl, We've Lost Luther. Please note that page 4 is missing. (8 pages).