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We have 2 educational presentations to choose from:  "Wings of Wonder: WV Birds of Prey" and "Hoot & Holler: WV Owls". Both programs use live non-releaseable Raptor Ambassadors native to West Virginia and are designed to be interactive with all audience ages and needs. 

"Wings of Wonder: WV Birds of Prey" features 6 of the most common raptors found in WV, currently the list includes 2 species of owls, 2 species of falcons, a hawk and our bald eagle Ambassador Regis.  :  "Wings of Wonder: WV Birds of Prey" is about a 45 minute to 1 hour program, depending on questions. 

"Hoot & Holler: WV Owls" features 3 species of Owl Ambassadors common in WV: a barred owl, a screech owl and a great horned owl. "Hoot & Holler: WV Owls" is about a half hour program, depending on questions. 

Both programs cover topics pertinent to the audience and any focus that your program is working with but we also cover topics such as what can be done to help wild birds, the laws we have protecting wild birds and why, how these birds live in the wild, what they eat, and special nature notes that highlight the individual species and Ambassador.

We can also present a "static" display (pictured above) in which we have handlers  with perched Raptor Ambassadors and  informational materials ready to engage participants as they come to our display. This format is good for gatherings where participants move from booth to booth, such as at a festival.

Events At
The Three Rivers Avian Center

In addition to the regularly scheduled tour days held on the 1st Saturday of May  - October from 1 - 5 PM, the Center is available for private tours as scheduling allows.
For information on our currently scheduled events, visit our Upcoming Events  page.

Contact TRAC through email
or phone (304) 466-4683.

Or write to us at:
Three Rivers Avian Center
2583 Brooks Mountain Road
Brooks, WV 25951

Over the years, TRAC has won awards from the West Virginia DNR Wildlife Diversity Program, The New River Gorge National Park & Preserve, The Huntington Tri-State Audubon Society, Study Web, and the Charleston Gazette. In addition, TRAC's main presenters, Executive Director Wendy Perrone and Educational Director Ron Perrone have both received the Distinguished Mountaineer award from Governor Joe Manchin III for their positive and proactive work in environmental education and wild bird care. 
TRAC  publishes a quarterly newsletter  "The Raptor Chapter"  which is filled with information on various wild bird species, TRAC events and happenings,and other useful information to those interested in wild birds and other wildlife topics.