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Note from the webmaster: This scrap book  is currently undergoing a major overhaul because its previous update was over 6 years ago.
New material added Dec 28, 2013 under Peregrine Restoration!!
There are also a number of video files of bird releases at  tracvideos.


The Flight Barn Project Peregrine Restoration
6 Year Project

Archival Photos


Bald Eagle (Comanche) 2005 The 2001 Grand Opening
of TRAC's Hospital
Peregrine Falcon Release 2/24/07
Great Horned Owl
by volunteer Beth Nordeen
2 Red-tailed Hawks at once Red-tail release
by volunteer Lisa DeSalvo
Night release: Loon Night release: Barred Owl The Blonde Red-tail
Peregrine Falcon (1/14/99) Red Tail Near Cold Knob American Bittern
Old Friends (people, that is) A Brief History of TRAC (1990 to 2001) Broad Wing Hawk at
Peters Mountain Fire Tower