Old Friends Who Made it Happen

Mike Nunan

Mike Nunan is the person who introduced Ron and Wendy Perrone to raptor rehabilitation. In 1989, he was the Director of Operations at the Morgantown based West Virginia Raptor Rehabilitation Center and like all directors of such facilities, was always on the lookout for volunteers. Wendy was working as a veterinary assistant at the time while Ron was finishing a degree in Forest Resource Management at WVU.

Following Ron's graduation (at 40... well, better late than never) he and Wendy returned to Brooks and began planning for a rehab facility there. When it was time to form a Board of Directors, Mike agreed to join up. An expert with red tape, Mike was the one with the know-how to actually put together a Constitution and by-laws and the experience to walk the fledgeling organization through its initial years.

The rest is history. Though no longer on the Board of Directors at TRAC, Mike still checks in from time to time and regales us with his wit and wisdom. His battle cry remains ''USE COMMON SENSE!''.

Ron, Wendy and Don Rusk. 
Tony Liguori

Don Rusk

Heidi Teifka

  The original 1993 ward.

Tiffany McLean

  Niagra University