Grand Opening

What a Day! Saturday, May the 5th, 2001 Three Rivers Avian Center's new facility.
Jon Mahan, was the master of ceremonies. A former Chairperson of the TRAC Board of Directors. It was Jon who, years ago,  introduced us to Roberts Rules of Order and the required sense of humor to cope with them.
Executive Director Wendy Perrone welcomed the crowd and gave a short history of TRAC.
There were speeches by distingushed guests. . .
Delegate Virginia Mahan, a former member of  TRAC's Board of Directors, and long time friend of TRAC had been instrumental in securing significant  funding for the construction of the facility. 
Curtis Taylor, Chief of Wildlife Resources for the WV Division of Natural Resources and a member of the TRAC Board of Advisors. He delivered remarks from the Director of the WV Division of Natural Resources, Ed Hamrick.
Chairperson of the TRAC Board of Directors and intrepid fund raiser, Cheryl Melkonian tells it like it is here.
Then there was a small, but appropriate ceremony.
A Red-tailed Hawk was released by Ron Perrone, TRAC Education Director. 
The doors were open for everyone to explore West Virginia's largest free veterinary facility for injured wild birds.  Chelsea Vargo, lower right, led tours through the building.
Friends, visitors, volunteers and family share the moment. From left to right: Volunteers John ..?... and Kristen Dragan, Executive Director Wendy Perrone, and Dr. Bill Streit, TRAC's Staff Veterinarian.

Body painting by Kim Connolly. Photographed and modelled by our strategizing guru  Roger Melkonian!
Not shown, but much appreciated are Jessica and Ricky Smith and his dad, who fed all two hundred and something of us with dynamite barbecue and dogs. If you weren't there, you missed it!

also . . .

The bird walks all day with Dr. Gary Rankin

The beautiful Three Rivers Avian Center sign on the building by Ron's brother Al Perrone.

And a very special thanks to the last minute heroics of the Gimp and Limp Carpentry and Cleanup Crew;
Tonry Lathroum, Charles and Nancy Hurst, Diane Silver, Chris and Ferdi Perrone, Pat Barker, Sharon Roon,
and Carol Jackson. Without your efforts, the Grand Opening would have been significantly less so.

Through the years many people have made contributions to the success of our endevours. We thank you all!