March 2, 2006 - First off, the old flight cages had to be torn down and the mess cleaned up. Here Wendy and Ron Perrone are joined by Angela Lamb and her students from Concord University as they tear into the job. Concord crew clears ground

April 1, 2006 - The site as it then appeared before new construction began. Scrub and multiflora roses cover the slope in the background where the Flight Barn will go. It will replace the fabric cages which used to occupy the open area between the Eagle Cage in the foreground and the rose bushes and trees in the back.
The original, before the arrival of the dozer.

The hillside gets cut and leveled as the dozer begins the relentless push.
The dozer starts cutting into the hill.

April 6, 2006 - The site has been levelled and trenched by Tonry Lathroum on the backhoe and must settle for much of the Summer before construction can begin.
The site is cleared and leveled.