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Your tax-deductible membership donation will immediately be put to work to provide funding for complete veterinary care and physical rehabilitation of all non-game wild birds and research projects which can give us the tools to better understand and protect West Virginia's wild birds.

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The  Eagle, Falcon,  Owl, and  Sponsor memberships are recognized  in  The  Raptor Chapter,  TRAC's quarterly newsletter which is available for download on this web site.

 All TRAC members receive our quarterly newsletter  "The Raptor Chapter"  which includes  information about  upcoming Center events, news and happenings over the past quarter,  nature notes on various avian species, and other  general information of interest  to our members.
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Regis, our Bald Eagle

Gimli, our American Kestrel

Dori, our Peregrine Falcon

Ryan, our Red Tailed Hawk

Max, our Broad-winged Hawk

Harlan, our Dark Morph Red Tailed Hawk

Robbie, our Barred Owl

Riffle, our new young Barred Owl

Rudy, our Red Phase Eastern Screech Owl

Hoolie, our Great Horned Owl