Bald Eagle released Saturday May 21, 2005

Time 4:30 PM at Pipestem State Park

Comanche, a 3 year old Bald Eagle  was found October 16, 2004 by Mr. & Mrs. John Walls and family of Speedway, WV suffering from gunshot injuries to the body and right wing. His left wing was also broken from the fall to the ground. TRAC Director Wendy Perrone picked the bird up from the Walls family and with the assistance of volunteer Marko Jorden, administered the emergency treatment and intake. The US Fish and Wildlife Service was notified and an investigation was initiated as the shooting of an American Bald Eagle is a federal crime.

The following day Comanche was taken to Dr. Bill Streit (LOWER RIGHT) at All Creatures Veterinary Clinic in Princeton for x-rays and final diagnosis. The fractures were severe and he was given no better than a 50/50 chance of ever flying again.  It has been a long haul for this bird but he has finally made it.  The  release of this bird represents a proud moment  for those  people who have supported this long and uncertain effort. Thank you all!.

All but the top photo of the release sequence (LOWER LEFT) were taken by John Clemens.  The origin of the photo showing  the opening of the cage (the first) is unknown. Notice that the bird was alreading forcing his way out the door.

(ABOVE) Resting indoors. TRAC has 5 indoor rooms which serve as foul weather shelter for our educational birds. But if the occasion arises, these rooms are used to house rehabilitating wild birds who are healed up enough to be out of intensive care, but not healed enough to where they should be allowed to fly. These rooms have painted "woodsy" murals and multiple perches to alleviate the visual monotony of being stuck between 4 walls and a ceiling.

From here , Comanche moved into a flight cage (BELOW) , but only after we were satified that his wings were healed to the point of handling the stress. of learning to fly all over again.

Over 200 people attended the release of this bird.

(BELOW) Comanche is seen exercising the 60 long cage built for Spirit, our Golden Eagle. Both birds seemed to benefit psychologically from having company and the space was essential for Comanche  to regain flight strength.