TRAC's Educational Ambassadors
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To sponsor one of these birds, please click here.

This will take you to PayPal where you may use your PayPal account or a credit card to complete the sponsorship.

If this is a gift, please inform us of the occasion, and make a note of this in the Add special instructions box at PayPal. This box
appears after you have filled out the address/payment form. We'll send an appropriate card in your name too!

Feathered Friends receive:
...a full color picture of their raptor friend, with an official TRAC  Feathered Friend Certificate (suitable for framing), 
...a personal history of the chosen raptor - including natural history notes,
...a 1 year subscription to "The Raptor Chapter" newsletter.

Funds from Feathered Friend Sponsorships are used to care for TRAC's wild bird patients and resident educational raptors.  They are fully tax deductable and make great gilfts.

Passing your cursor over a photo (or tapping it on a smart phone) will bring up a larger picture of each bird.

our American Kestrel
our Bald Eagle

our Great Horned Owl

our Red-tailed Hawk

our Dark Morph Red-tailed Hawk

our 23 year old Barred Owl

To sponsor one of these birds,
 please click here.

Rudy, a red morph
Eastern Screech Owl
Riffle, our young Barred Owl

Our Peregrine Falcon

our grey morph Eastern Sreech Owl

Our Broad-winged Hawk
Photo Credits
Gimli - Sharyn Ogden
Regis - Donna Setler
Hoolie - Caleb Keneipp
Ryan - Mark Kahales
Harlan -  Wendy Perrone
Robbie - Steve Rotsch
Rudy - Caleb Keneipp
Riffle - Sharyn Ogden
Dori - Sharyn Ogden
Felix - Mark Kahales
Max - Sharyn Ogden